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We have a proprietary tool set for parallel programming and analysis tasks at our disposal when no commercially available tools exist. Wherever possible, we use "Not Invented Here" technology because it exists now with known cost and risk. We are technologists, not ideologues -- we embrace and anticipate new tools and methods.

EMS.js: Shared Memory Parallelism for JavaScript
▻ Targets problems too big for one core, but not large enough for a scalable cluster
▻ Free NPM Package: NPM Package:
npm install ems

GitHub source code
▻ Visit the EMS.js website.
Adding Fine-Grained Parallelism To Legacy Applications
▻ Shared memory parallelism for capability, not capacity
▻ Low-overhead fine-grained synchronization to parallelize even short loops for improved strong scaling.
▻ Standards compliant OpenMP, Pthreads, or native threading support
Combining Networks
▻ Virtual and hardware smart network interfaces
▻ Move task to data instead of data to task
▻ Leverage unavoidable delays as opportunity to optimize network use
Interactive visualization of high resolution time-series simulations and sensor data
▻ Stereoscopic display, vector glyph overlay, geospatial registration
▻ Support for 100+GB/sec data streaming rates
▻ Two complementary sources of parallelism can utilize hundreds of cores
Performance and Sensitivity Analysis
▻ Measure and characterize load imbalance
▻ Identify rounding errors due to different order of operations

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