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Unstructured Graphs
▻ Data distribution techniques for power law graphs
▻ Efficient graph traversal and storage techniques
▻ Dynamic load balancing
Fine-Grained Synchronization
▻ Associating synchronization with data instead of tasks
▻ Scheduling billions of tasks and continuations, each with only a few instructions
Loop Restructuring
▻ Resource sharing in nested parallel regions
▻ Polyhedral loop optimization
Combining Networks
▻ Use unavoidable latencies to opportunistically reduce network traffic
▻ Bottleneck mitigation
▻ Bandwidth multiplier
Machine Learning
▻ Automated clustering of high-dimensional data
▻ Ranking, sorting,
Hardware Acceleration
▻ Offloading small bit-width operations to avoid CPU overhead
▻ Algorithmic acceleration
▻ Extended Memory Semantics

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