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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
- Confucius (551–479 BC)

SynSem understands parallel computing because that's all we do.

For over 20 years, the users of mission critical High Performance Computing (HPC) applications have depended on our forward-thinking innovations to last through multiple hardware and software revisions. We have experience figuring out how fast it can go, and how much work it takes to go that fast. If it's not worth the effort, we say so.

We specialize in Strong Scaling.
Strong Scaling
Solve the same problem faster
▻ Capability Processing
▻ Multi-threading
▻ Communicating Sequential Processes
Weak Scaling
Solve bigger problems in the same amount of time
▻ Capacity Processing
▻ Map-Reduce
▻ Batch jobs
▻ "Embarrassingly Parallel" jobs

Parallel Computing Projects:
A full range of services from tuning legacy applications to design of new hardware-accelerated hybrid systems.

▻ Analysis, Modeling, Prediction ▻ Architecture and Specification
▻ Engineering Training ▻ Implementation

Clients we've worked with:

A 10× speed-up turns minutes into seconds, 1,000× makes hour-long calculations interactive.
Contact us and tell us about your applications.

All SynSem work is proudly performed in Cascadia .   

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